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Places where Tangential Cold can be heard.

Dave Shot First
Dave Thomspon is writing a podcast super-hero noir drama that features Cinema Shuffle for the closing music. His story is very entertaining and worth a listen.
Unbecoming Levity
A Pedantical Long Pelt was used as the intro and outro to an audio sketch regarding the latest Harry Potter book.
John Holowach saw fit to remix Legit Worn Kit and put it up here.
An impressive group of teens from Massachusetts. This movie group is using A Pedantical Long Pelt and Cinema Shuffle in their movie.
Radio Six International
An internet radio station that broadcasts on shortwave as well. Many Tangential Cold songs have made the playlist in the past.
Another internet web-cast station. This one specializes in Latin music and have picked up Latino Chino for broadcast.
The first web-cast station that based the playlist on reader profiles (as far as I know). The station is sadly defunct now, but it's listed here as a thank you.
The Linux Link Tech Show
A weekly show airing every Wednesday at 9PM. In one of their first weeks, they played Feather Lullaby during their intermission.
The Linux Link
The web station that airs 'The Linux Link Tech Show' also features audio feeds from SLUGRadio and LUGRadio and have played several tracks including Cinema Shuffle and Just Three Days.
Garry DeLong Photography and Writing
Garry DeLong has produced a couple of videos and has incorporated a couple of tracks including Cinema Shuffle.

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All audio works here are licensed under a Creative Commons License, unless otherwise indicated.

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Quick Downloads
Song Title Date
Anna's Theme (mp3) September 29 2008
Dime Tilted Manacles (mp3) July 14, 2006
Pair and Boon (mp3) April 9, 2006
Legit Worn Kit (mp3) April 2004
EssOhPeeAchEyeAye (mp3) March 2004
A Pedantical Long Pelt (mp3) January 2004
Just Three Days (mp3) June 2003
Star Schema (mp3) April 2003
Cinema Shuffle (mp3) October 2002
Latino Chino (mp3) August 2002
Shasradio Promo(What you like, what we play) (mp3) July 2002
Feather Lullaby (mp3) 8 August 2001
Particulates (mp3) 7 August 2001
Drop It Redux (mp3) 2 July 2001
Drop It (mp3) 26 June 2001
Sounds of SA (mp3) June 2001
Rude Spike (mp3) sometime in 1999
Composer Journal
- - 40 years old - -

I turned 40 years old this year, so naturally I've decided to take up piano lessons again.

I took piano lessons for around 15 years. I've had my share of lessons. When I turned 18 I figured I was done with piano lessons. I was playing music with friends and bands and I was doing a lot more 'keyboard' work. Free-style.

Over the years, I noticed that my hands could play music that I really couldn't read. Muscle memory. Trying to play what was actually written was getting more and more difficult. Which brings me to this point, taking piano lessons after a hiatus of 22 years.

Wish me luck. I should be upping more music soon. Don't be surprised if it's more piano-centric than before.

2010-05-31 17:20:48

- - Trees! The Trees! - -

Good view from above my house as they continue to remove the trees. I met a real interesting guy in this process. Phil Berwick is the owner of 'Living Tree' and I seriously enjoyed his company.

2010-05-15 18:38:00

- - Zwuh? - -

Many of you probably already know, but for those that don't:

I'll be getting back to music but right now, I have this to deal with.

2010-05-04 18:38:08

- - Dave Shot First - -

Dave Shot First is the website of a guy doing an online podcast drama called "The Unbelievable Origin of Superspiff and the Toothpick Kid". He contacted me about some of my Creative Commons music and so the song you hear at the end of each podcast is actually me. His podcast drama is in the super-hero noir genre. The episodes aren't long, so take a listen and see if you like them. They are in order though, so if you don't want to be completely lost, start with #1. You can start with episode 5 though as that's a stand-alone, but you'll want to listen to #1 before continuing with the series.

2008-09-30 18:14:00

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