Tangential Cold Studios


Music by Tangential Cold

Music is hosted on Noise Trade.

Title Produced
Anna's Theme September 2008
Dime Tilted Manacles July 2006
Pair and Boon April 2006
Legit Worn Kit April 2004
EssOhPeeAcheEyeAye March 2004
A Pedantical Long Pelt January 2004
Just Three Days June 2003
Star Schema April 2003
Cinema Shuffle October 2002
Latino Chino August 2002
Shasradio Promo (What you like, what we play) July 2002
Feather Lullaby August 2001
Particulates August 2001
Drop It Redux June 2001
Drop It June 2001
Sounds of SA June 2001
Rude Spike 1999

Games by Tangential Cold Studios

All games are currently free to play. Some are hosted externally at sites such as itch.io.

  • From a coding challenge as I was learning the Unity framework. Drop It Invaders

Other Projects

I like working on physical projects and other coding projects that aren't game related as well.